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Passive In-Building Distributed Antenna Solution-IBS

Cosmos provides turnkey in-building coverage enhancement solutions, we understand the complexities of coverage and capacity needs of mobile operators. Cosmos offers an un-biased approach to the growing demand by offering flexible and scalable In-Building Coverage Solutions (IBS) for a wide range of wireless technologies. Judicious survey using sophisticated RF design, prediction and data collection tools ensure cost-effective network planning and offering optimized site-specific solutions.

Passive DAS Solutions

Passive Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solution is built with a combination of passive components or RF ancillaries like splitter, coupler, feeder etc. The passive solution is cost effective and widely used for covering small and medium size buildings.

The Passive DAS solution has many advantages when it comes to single operator with limited technologies. This solution is totally free from noise and active intermodulation products with less operational and maintenance cost. Main sources for passive DAS solutions are Microcell and Repeaters.

Cosmos DAS protects the ambience and aesthetics of the property because multiple wiring projects are not required. Changing service providers does not lead to the defacement of property because no change to the wiring is necessary. Service providers can simply “plug-in” and services are up and running immediately. Cosmos systems provide complete connectivity, offering voice, data and video.